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Mary Ellen


Sunday, August 22, 2010

All Four Walls Muralized, Top to Bottom

Above, night time artificial lighting.
Below, day time natural light.

In this room, all four walls have been muralized, from top to bottom. It is so fun and cheerful to be in this room, like being IN a painting.

Here, a variety of motifs were 'patched' together as sort of an 'abstract art mural sampler.' Consider using just the leaves or just the tree branch shapes. Use many colors - as in this room - or keep it to a more monochromatic look, or anything in between. This type of abstract art mural will bring to life spaces where you want more positive energy. Kitchens, restaurants, offices, waiting rooms, powder rooms, you name it. A mural like this makes a fun surprise if painted on the back of a powder room door. Just one wall behind a bed would make a stunning alternative to a headboard.

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