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Monday, October 4, 2010

Eight Color Entryway - Part 1 -Taking Shape & Applying Color

I begin again by taping off areas - like you might put tape on the floor of an empty kitchen to indicate where the main things (like the cabinetry or the island) will go. Then I draw with pencil within my blue tape boundaries. It's easy to stand back to see the big picture in bold blue tape, but not so easy to stand back and see faint gray pencil lines. So here I go, using the 'oval within rectangle' shape that I used in the Audience Mural.
Here you see one coat of of each, rust color on the left, curry color on the right. The paint is still wet, folks. 
Now adding one coat of plum color to the left, a brown color on the right. 
Here is half of the vestibule painted with one coat of the rust, plum, curry and brown. I almost hesitate to show photos at this point because I admit these colors look pretty 'nasty' with just one coat (as do most deep-hued colors - particularly those with a lot of yellow pigment. Yellow tubes of artist paint are half the price of reds!). I keep color swatches of the 'true colors' nearby to reassure myself - as I would a client looking over my shoulder with raised eyebrows - that the final colors will be gorgeous. 

I'll show you the other half of the entryway vestibule tomorrow. The pink, red, green, blue side.

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