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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Eight Color Entryway - The 'Before'

Excited about this project because it is an entryway, where first impressions are made- which hopefully will be 'Wow!' in a good way. 

It shouldn't take me long - not a lot of detail to the design which is a graphic pattern. (I am using one of the Audience Mural seatbacks/shirts as my inspiration.) The trickiest part will be not getting paint on the beautiful wood molding! I don't 'tape off' with Blue Painter's Tape because there is always bleeding. I just switch to a small brush and carefully draw along the edge. I know I'll need to do 2-3 coats per color because of how deep they are. I am only painting the four lower sections, which are each roughly the size of a door. The upper wall will be a shade of white to reflect light into the space. 

The eight colors, left to right, top to bottom, are  shades of: 

blue, orange, pink
green, purple, brown
red, yellow

There is a Part 2 to this project. The entryway (beyond this vestibule) where there are two walls flanking a coat closet. Stay tuned.

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