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Mary Ellen


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wonder Works Audience Mural - Balloon Faces


  1. Mary Ellen ~ This is REALLY fantastic! It's just what it should be...fun!

    I think a very interesting idea is being beautifully executed and I love how you've involved your obvious affinity for the decorative with something so playful.

    I'm interested to know if a 'call' was put out for ideas to be submitted or did you approach this cold? (Possibly seeing an area of the museum that needed help?)

    Wonderful work. :)

  2. I love the attention to detail with the feathers, zippers, beads, etc., you've taken great care to capture in your mural.

    You've really outdone yourself Mary Ellen. You should be very proud of this project.

  3. Thank you, both, I appreciate for your positive responses.

    I was approached by the museum, after being recommended by someone who saw my work elsewhere. But, I am not above answering 'calls for artwork' if I hear of them, nor approaching owners of highly visible walls that call out to me.

  4. A really wonderful extravaganza of colours and original design. From a napkin sketch to approval and reality must make you a very proud person indeed. Congratulations Mary Ellen, a sterling job in the hands of its creator..Well Done!!