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Mary Ellen


Monday, September 13, 2010

Wonder Works Mural - Seat backs/Shirts

These sort-of-rectangular shapes do double duty. They represent both theater seat backs and theater goers' shirts, each unique. (The colors in these photos are a bit off - this main shape to the left is actually a barn red and a warm, dark gray on dark grape.

The project is so fun at this point. I feel like I am choosing color schemes for individual rooms in a house. i.e. the main shape to the left could represent grape walls, red bed cover, silver grey metal bed frame.

If you have a favorite color combination, I'd love to hear it. 


  1. Love the one that looks like a beaded necklace. It's funny, but there's something calming about this wall of bright to me... maybe how the colors, shapes are all working together without trying to...

  2. Yes, it is a challenge - how each individual design pattern relates to the next, keeping the big picture in mind. I never even stopped to realize, but you're right... it could go very, very wrong.

  3. It's true - none of the shirts call out for our attention any more than the very next. We really do 'see' the whole audience. I think it's a matter of a very nuanced color palette and the artist knowing when and where to exert control.

    What will be successful about this installation, I think, is that not only will viewers be drawn to it aesthetically, but it will engage them in that they'll be picking out their favorite 'shirts' or personally identifying with one of them. (I already have!)

    Years ago, I was in Amsterdam and saw a very public mural (I would say 30' long) that was nothing but dogs...all sizes, breeds, colors. And people not only loved looking at it but pointing to this dog (it looked like their's) or that dog (like a neighbor's) and kids running back and forth along the wall. A double success!

  4. Have I mentioned that I am painting this 'in public view?' A few hours at a time, a few days a week, while the museum is open.

    Several little girls went gaga over the colorful beads on the black background (the one that Heather commented on above). So I one-upped it with the dangling jewels necklace on the turquoise background. One little boy (A regular. Can't be 2 years old yet.) visits me every 15 minutes, points at me, and says "paint." He probably only has 100 words in his vocabulary so far, but paint is one of them! So cute! Yesterday, a girl who looked 5 years wheeled into the room in one of those Cozy Coupe ride-in cars and basically parked in front of the mural for an hour. She spoke not a word, just watched me like a hawk.